Our Vacation in Singapore Was Really Fun and Interesting

A nice vacation was in order. We had planned on a domestic one for a long time, then we started talking about doing something international. I am not sure how we got to considering Singapore as a destination, but that is where we ended up. We were really pleased with our first vacation of this type ever. One of the most memorable parts of our vacation for me was the bus charter in Singapore that took us around to see some interesting sites. It was quite the tour. We got to see this urbanized island nation in a new light.

The sheer amount of development that is going on in Singapore is incredible. They are even adding land mass to their island by dumping millions of tons of earth into the ocean at their shorelines. That progress, however, is not as rapid as their vertical growth. When you do not have a lot of horizontal land mass, you build up into the sky to accommodate your people and their needs and wants. We stayed in a hotel that had grass, trees, swimming pools and more halfway up the building. Seriously, you step out of the elevator onto a floor where you can sit in the sun or under the shade of a tree, walk in the grass barefoot or go for a swim. It was truly incredible to see. I have never seen anything like it back home.

The bus charter in Singapore took us to see other magnificent buildings like this. A lot of the buildings are residential condominiums. Some properties are what they call shared spaces where there is business and residential spaces. Essentially, you could live, work, shop and play never having to leave the building your apartment or condo is in. The bus tour was long, but we did not notice because the bus charter in Singapore was very comfortable and clean like most of the other things we experienced there.